Stocking stuffers for the troops

Items Needed

Most items are available at Costco and Walmart

Beef Jerky                                                           Need:  6 packages (12 per package)

Easy Mac and Cheese                                       Need:  12 boxes (6 per box)

EXTRA Gum                                                       Need: 6 packages (18 per box)

Skittles                                                                Need:  3 boxes (36 per box)

M & Ms                                                                Need: 3 boxes (36 per box)

Kirkland Snacking Nuts (tubes)                          Need: 2 boxes (30 per box)

Famous Amos Cookies                                      Need: 2 boxes (42 per box)

Kirkland Fruit Snacks                                          Need: 2 boxes ( 80 per box)

Nature Valley Granola Bars                                 Need: 1 box of each (48 per box)

(Sweet and Salty and Fruit and Nut)

Hot Chocolate                                                      Need: 4 boxes ( 60 per box)

Top Ramen Soup                                                Need: 3 boxes (24 per box)

Quaker Oatmeal Single Serving Packets           Need: 2 boxes (52 per box)

Wipes (Individually packed)                                Need: 12 boxes (24 per box)

Floss and Small Toothpaste                               Need:  90 of each

Donations can be brought to the September or October guild meetings.  For more information, contact Janene Malatesta.