On November 15, Sandra Bruce will present “Material Matrix.”

Sandra was born in Virginia to deaf parents who always encouraged her creativity. She spent most of her adult life in California, and most of that in Grass Valley, a picturesque town in the Sierra Foothills. She shares her life with her partner of 30+ years, Gary, also an illustrator, and their teen-aged son Matteo.

Her love of quilts began when she was next-door neighbor to quilt artist Therese May in the early 1980’s, when she and Therese started a quilt group. When she moved to Grass Valley in 1990 she began taking classes and learning new techniques. She has been an illustrator and letterer, mostly for advertising, for over 30 years and it influences her quilt work greatly. Over 4 years ago she


acquired a long-arm quilting machine and began quilting both her own quilts and those of customers, using her drawing and writing skills in her stitching.

November 16 Workshop:  Material Matrix

“Material Matrix” involves interpreting a gridded photograph with fabric. This process is different than other gridded photograph methods in that it involves piecing and a loose, representational style inspired by the painter, Chuck Close. The 6-hour class is about technique and all students work on the same image, “Cup of Warmth.” to gain skills in this method.

Sandra is a hands-on teacher and works closely with students to gain “the eye” for this process.

In her advanced class she teaches more advanced techniques that involve more complicated images, such as faces.