2019-2020 Schedule

January 16  Tracey Brookshier

February  20 Inger Blood

February 21  Inger Blood Workshop, Ruler Work on a Domestic Machine

March 20 Linda Ballard, speaker

March 21 Linda Ballard Workshop, You Need a Rita

April 17 Challenge Reveal and Voting

May 15 Arlene Arnold, A Love of Antique Quilts

June 19 Quilt Show Awards/Potluck

July 17 Quilts of Valor presentation

August 21 Colleen Pelfrey, speaker

September 18  Victoria Johnson, speaker

October 16 Nancie Wiseman, speaker

November 20 Kellie Willey, A Little Trunk Show (Miniatures)

November 21 Colleen Pelfrey class, De-colorant

December 18 Holiday potluck

January 15, 2020 Kim Brownell, Wackydoodle Trunk Show

January 16 Kim Brownell class, Refillable Notebook

February 19, 2020 Gwen Weedon, 25 Years of Quilting

February 20 Gwen Weedon, Ocean Art Quilt class

March 18, 2020 Marjan Kluepful - Evolution of an Art Quilter

March 19 Marjan Kluepful class, Quilted Felt Flowers

April 15, 2020 Challenge Reveal & Voting

May 20, 2020 Potluck & Quilt Show ribbons awarded

June 17, 2020 Anelie Beldon - Dresden Dance

June 18 Anelie Beldon, Jelly Roll/Split Blade Dresden

Guild Policies about

Guild-sponsored Workshops

1. You must pay for the class at the time you sign up.

 2. One check per class.

 3. If you need to cancel, you must give at least 31 days notice in order to get a refund. No exceptions. Our Guild is legally bound to pay for our teachers if we do not cancel  30 days or more in advance of the workshop date.  If you sign up for a class and don’t find out you cannot attend until after the 30 days, we cannot refund your money, because we still have to pay the teacher for your spot in the class.

 4. If you pay with a check and could not attend, your check will still be deposited. If you cancel the check or if, for other reasons, the check is returned there will be a bounced check fee assessed, along with the full amount of the check.

 5. You may not cancel your check to avoid paying for last minute class cancellations. This practice could result in putting you on a cash-only basis.

 6. If a class is full, we will establish a waiting list on a first come, first served, basis. If someone in the class unexpectedly cannot attend, Programs will notify the next person in line on the waiting list . If it is 31 days or greater, we will refund their money and collect from the next person on the list. If it has been 31 days or less, we will not refund the class fee. Programs will give that person the name of the next person in line on the waiting list; it will be up to them to work out the finances between them, assuring that Programs is aware of the change.

7.  When there are required tools, notions, patterns, etc. sold in advance of the class, a separate check will need to be made out to the teacher of the class, not to the Guild.

8.  Classes cost $40 and are held in the Events Center at Creekside Church.  Classes taught by non-speaker members cost $5.

Registering for a Class

To register for a class, sign up at a guild meeting OR contact Jen Luton,  Program chair  and  let her know which class you are interested in attending.  

Not a Roseville Guild member? If you belong to another guild, you are welcome to attend any class that is not already full for the same price as one of our members.  Please contact our program chair as above.

Other Class Opportunities

Other guilds in our area also have speakers and workshops that may be of interest to our members, and many welcome non-members in any class that is not full.   

Click HERE for a listing of nearby quilt guilds with links to their programs pages.