Nancy started making quilts over fifteen years ago after her mother took a quilting class. She has always loved animals and found that she could create animal portraits with hand applique. She makes these quilts because she feels that animals are important parts of this world and should be celebrated and preserved for future generations to witness.

Nancy exhibits her quilts around the country and has been fortunate to win several awards. The quilts have been pictured in many magazines and books and several are in private and corporate collections.

The vast majority of her quilts are pictorial in nature and have wild animal themes.

She loves pets too and has made several dog and cat quilts.

She loves old family photos and is fortunate to have some wonderful old photos of her family. She has made several quilts using these photos to remember and honor these relatives.

March 22 Workshop:  Dogs and Cats

In Nancy’s classes she teaches her techniques and methods for hand applique. How to do curves, points and how to put together a multi-layered appliqued pattern.  In each class she also demonstrates how to design animal patterns.